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DcnU, still annoying.

Even though it's been a couple of months since the DCnU plan was announced, I still have an extremely negative visceral reaction whenever it is brought up. I hate this idea. But I don’t just hate it because of my over inflated sense of entitlement, and attachment, to characters that have never belonged to me. I also hate it because I think it is badly executed.

DC has rebooted its franchise twice already—the Silver Age and Crisis on Infinite Earths*. The Silver Age reboot not only changed the origin stories of the Golden Age heroes (Superman) but also replaced Golden Age heroes with completely new characters (Hal Jordan replaced Alan Scott as the modern day Green Lantern, for example) or some combination of both (Hawkman, who was reimagined) The Crisis on Infinite Earths, like the recent DCnU, was an attempt by DC to clean house and simplify continuity. Now even though both attempts had their problems, I think the Silver Age reboot was slightly better. Why? My issue with CoIE and DCnU is that it doesn’t start off from ground up. They didn’t just say that none of what happened in the past is out of continuity, or that it happened completely differently. They’re also not introducing new characters in the same manner that Barry and Hal were in the Silver Age; they’re cherry picking which characters’ histories aren’t changed and which characters’ are.

That’s retarded. These characters do not live in isolation! They live in a shared universe where Batman and Superman are bffs, where Dick Grayson got the name Nightwing from an old Kryptonian legend, where the reason Hal Jordan lost his shit is tied into Superman dying and a bunch of other dudes showing up to replace The Last Son of Krypton. You cannot just say that you’re altering Superman’s history in the same breathe that you're saying Green Lantern’s history has remained completely unaltered. You can’t. It doesn’t make sense. Hal’s history has changed fundamentally since things that he has done with Superman or Wonder Woman or things that Wonder Woman and Superman have done that have affected his life are no longer in existence. Or they are because Hal’s continuity is still completely unaltered and that includes all the things he’s done with the other character. In which case, those were the busiest 5 years of their lives.

However, none of this is specified, it’s all unclear and up in the air and you know what happens when things don’t make sense from the get go? 12 different writers try to retcon and explain away incongruities. Do you know what happens then? Stories get complicated, continuity gets confusing, Hawkman becomes radioactive and 10 or 20 years later, you’re rebooting continuity again.

In the end, what makes comics so fucking hard to get into isn’t just that these characters have very long histories, it’s that that those very long histories are riddled with more plot holes, dead ends, twists and turns then a map of all the roads in the USA. You cannot cherry pick what stays and goes while hoping that your editors and writers are going to be talented enough to get it right. Years of reading comics has taught me two things 1) not all writers are good and 2) editors do not communicate or, at times, don’t even know continuity as extensively as they should. DC, and Marvel for that matter, needs to sit down and clear everything from the past away, similar to what was done in the Silver Age. They need to create a new bible for their universe(s) and characters. But most importantly, they need to force writers, artists and editors to adhere to these rules. If not, they’re going to get complicated stories that only diehard fans are going to not only be able to follow but want to follow for any long stretch of time.

*I suppose I can bring up the Infinite Crisis and Zero Hour too. But I feel that these weren’t as major continuity shifts as the beforementioned ones. They retold a few characters origins and tried to adjust things but not quite in the way that the Silver Age and Crisis on Infinite Earths did.

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Amazon Strikes Again

As some of you may have heard, Amazon is pulling explicit yaoi titles from the Kindle store. Amazon has changed its content guidelines, stating that offensive material (to be judged at their discretion) and graphic, explicit or pornographic material are to be banned. Some DMP yaoi manga has been removed as well as Yen Press yaoi prose and other books. I'm unsure if explicit material is a new addition or if it has always been under the Amazon/Kindle store's prohibited section. I own a Nook so I'm not very familiar with Amazon's Kindle store. However, I have bought hard copies of yaoi titles from Amazon before. It seems to me that Amazon has always sold explicit, hard core material in both hard copy and digital copies as well as sex toys. So this may be new.

(By the way, I think you can still buy hard copies of all the removed titles from Amazon. So this is pretty weird.)

Unsurprisingly, there has been an uproar from the yaoi community. Some fans have even noted that pornographic/"offensive" heterosexual books of varying mediums have yet to be cleansed from the Kindle store. I suppose yaoi titles may be the first in a mass banning of pornographic material and we will soon see heterosexual books removed as well but I'm not holding my breath. To be honest, I'm not surprised in the least by Amazon's behavior.

Amazon has always seemed, at the very least, uncomfortable with homosexuality. Have we already forgotten that if you search for "homosexuality" on Amazon, you get a lot of prevention books? That was connected to that huge debacle with gay and lesbian themed books losing their rankings. And if I remember correctly, last year some authors were complaining that their gay themed e-books were also removed from the Kindle store. But these were self published authors and not major companies like Yen Press and DMP so it got less attention. Homosexual themed literature seems to always violate Amazon's content guidelines in some way or another while heterosexual erotic is still easy to find. Also let's not forget all the dildos they sell too.

Sadly, I think it will continue to happen. Amazon is a private company and they are allowed to sell whatever they want. Unfortunately, gay literature does not seem to be something they want to sell but I think they're aware that if they just remove it all at once, there will be a backlash of epic proportions. Thus they will probably continue to slowly remove gay fiction by changing content guidelines and/or arbitrarily branding titles as offensive.

The best way to get back at them is not use Amazon. Hit them where it hurts--their coffers. Then you'll see real change. That's hard though. Amazon is really convenient (especially if you have a Prime account) and a lot of people, myself included, use Amazon to acquire tons of stuff that isn't necessarily book related. Sure there's always Target, Borders, Barnes and Nobles, Ikea, Home Depot, Ebay etc., but it's all in one place on Amazon. However, if Amazon's censorship of gay titles rankles you start shopping elsewhere, deal with the inconvenience. Let Amazon know why you're leaving too. There needs to be a angry mass exodus from Amazon, and more than just the yaoi community needs to leave if we want a impact big enough to make Amazon reconsider their stance on censorship and homosexual lit.

Below you'll find links to the sites reporting on Amazon's latest witch hunt.




Also if you're curious, here is the Kindle Store's content guidelines:


And for those who want to refresh themselves or re-familiarize themselves with the Amazonfail debacle, this website will put you on the right path:


Also the New York Time's report: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/04/14/technology/internet/14amazon.html

Sadly, I cannot find those links regarding last year's removal of self published gay themed books. But I'll keep looking and post them when I do find them.

Another link, similar to the NYT report, but much more in-depth. Thanks to lucre_noin for finding it.


Comics kink

Just watched Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths (there's always a crisis isn't there? XD) and now I have serious need for non-con Superwoman/Batman. Usually non-con is SO not my thing but the movie was teasing me with it so bad. XD I'll probably just try to find some cute Batman/Wonder Woman stuff because I ship it so hard.

Anyway, the movie was well done. I really liked it. It wasn't just "oh look, an evil version of the Justice League". There was a bit more meat to it. Warner Bros/DC has been doing a pretty decent job with these comic book animated movies. =)


Clash of the Titans

I don't really know what movie this was, but it surely wasn't Clash of the Titans. It was nothing like the original, which I could have dealt with if the movie was good. But it wasn't. The battle scenes were pretty nice (thought the Medusa one was better in the original version, cheesey stop-motion model animation and all) but the plot line was cliche, contrived, didn't make much sense and pretty dull. It's really disappointing after that fantastic trailer.

I donno. I guess they thought the first movie was too linear, didn't have enough lame ass belabored back story about people losing faith in the Gods and no one liking Perseus or some shit. Not that I'm a huge fan of the original or anything. This version was just so fucking contrived and dull it made me love the old version in comparison.

Though I gotta say, those Jin people were cool. I'd totally watch a movie about them. The characters were fun when they weren't going on about believing/not-believing in the Gods. Subtle as a brick, this movie was. Not that I expect an action movie to be subtle. Still, it was a bit much. It was also a very pretty movie. At least the kraken didn't look like a Kaiju monster this time...

One day I'm going to write a screen play where Hades ISN'T the Christian devil. Fucking hell.

In conclusion, don't waste your time with this movie. Just watch the trailer a few more times and fill in your own dots.


Crap. The new season of Dr. Who starts this weekend and I STILL haven't seen 10's finale. Blargh. What is wrong with me?!

What's worse? I'll probably play more FF13 than watch it. =/
After three days of doing nothing but working and sleeping, today was my first day off. And I slept through most of it. x.x I was planning on spending the rest of the day playing FF13 but then my friends invited me out to see How to Train Your Dragon. I can't say no to dragons. Ever.

It was very cute and clever. I recommend it to everyone. Apparently David Tennant voices one of the Vikings. I couldn't tell who though. <3

And now I need dragon icons. =)
Do you believe there is other intelligent life in distant galaxies? If no, why not? If yes, do you believe this is something to be feared and avoided or actively sought out?

Yes, I do. And if we're lucky, we won't meeting each other anytime soon. I don't say this because I'm xenophobic or anything, far from it. I'd love to meet people from other worlds. I'd just rather not have to introduce them to my xenophobic, backwards extended "family". >.>

But really, we haven't figured out how to get along with each other yet. How are we going to get along with a completely different species?

FF13: the inevitable I-ship-it post

Dude, I'm shipping Fang/Vanille real hard. Oh man.

Also, shipping Sahz/Vanille (>.>) and Fang/Light. Fang/Snow also piques my interest but that's mostly visual. Light/Hope will be cute when Hope's a little older. The age difference thing doesn't necessarily bother me. I'd just like him to be a bit older so it's not skeevy. Hopefully he won't like 14 like Serah forever. x.x

So in conclusion, I ship almost everyone in FF13. LOL!

Also, yay! Yaag's back. I don't even know why I like him so much?!

In other news, I saw the G4 trailer for Final Fantasy 14. It looks really pretty. I wanted to play it instantly! Then I realized it was an online game. Fuuuck that.

Hahahah I'm such an antisocial gamer.

How we change

I remember a few years ago I hated drinking. Well not hated, but I wasn't a huge fan of it. I rarely went drinking and when I did, I drank little. Getting drunk was not something I was fond of. I was a bit prudish about it actually.

Now, oh man, do I drink. Though I've never blacked out. I think that's an achievement. =)


Scott Pilgrim trailer!!!

I don't know if I've mentioned this lately but I love Scott Pilgrim. It's totally awesome and something you completely relate too... well partly. Hahah And now they've made a movie.